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MaShelle Dean, MBA
Hey, I’m MaShelle!  I’m a Fitness Coach, an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, wife to my wonderful husband, and a woman over 40 who just wants to live a happy, well balanced life.  I live in Atlanta, GA with my wonderful husband. My husband is a professional body builder and personal trainer, so as you can imagine, healthy eating and fitness an inevitable part of my daily life.   

You’d be surprised to learn that I still gain weight very easily.  I LOVE food. But despite how much I exercise, I still pack on the pounds if I eat whatever I want. So, I had to change my eating habits to maintain my transformation weight loss.  

My weight loss story isn’t tragic and it won’t make you cry. One day I just got fed up with being overweight and decided to do something about it.  My weight loss transformation led me to start The Jiggle Free Zone to help people learn how to eat healthy, get active and live life jiggle free!

My ultimate goal is to empower women to feel strong and confident and take care of themselves, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually too.  I’ll be sharing more in my newsletter and You Tube channel so make sure you subscribe! 

Through my own body transformation, I developed a passion for exercise and clean eating which led to my decision to become a group fitness instructor and fitness coach, coaching other women to living healthier and active lives through consistent exercise and what I affectionately call “eating like you got some sense!”

My Fitness Journey

heavy_liftingAs an  Air Force veteran (HOO RAH!!!), I’m no stranger to working out.  Through the years, I worked out off and on gym, but  when I finally made fitness a lifestyle is when I saw amazing changes in my body! At 40+, I’ve never been healthier or happier.  Click here to read my transformation story.

My fitness journey not only inspired me to become a Beachbody Fitness Coach.  It inspired me to do something I never thought I do – become a Group Fitness Instructor  The adrenaline and energy I feel when I’m in front of the room leading a KICK BUTT workout is nothing less than amazing!  

~ Coach MaShelle


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