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Shakeology Single Serving Packs

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Shakeology 7 Day Variety Pack 




Can’t decide which flavor to buy? Now you have a week to decide. The 7-Day Sampler contains a week’s worth of Shakeology—a different flavor for every day—to try before committing to a full-size bag or combo box. Plus, by drinking Shakeology for 7 days straight, you’ll be able to experience the amazing benefits this delicious shake has on your body. Each sample pack contains 7 single-serve packets of Shakeology (1 Café Latte, 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry, 1 Greenberry, 1 Chocolate Vegan, and 1 Tropical Strawberry Vegan), a copy of the Shakeology Welcome Guide, as well as 7 mouthwatering recipes. With the 7-Day Sampler, you’ll easily figure out which Shakeology flavors you love the most.


 Shakeology 5 Day Pack ($25)

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 Shakeology 12 Day Pack ($60)

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Shake cleanse
paragraphspacerShakeology 3 Day Cleanse  ($45)

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Shakeology Benefits


  • Use as a healthy meal replacement or snack for weight loss
  • 100% natural (over 70 healthy ingredients)
  • Caffeine & gluten free
  • Boosts nutrition, Increases energy & regularity
  • Low 24 GI rating
  • Provides your daily serving of nutrients, fruits & vegetables


Some Coaches give out free samples, but one serving is not enough for you to see how great Shakeology will make you feel, how much more energy you have, and how it will help you lose weight.  Replace one meal a day with Shakeology for 5 days and let me know how great you feel afterwards. I’m sure you’ll  love it as much as I do!

Thank you for your order.  If you have any questions at all after you receive your sample pack, visit or contact me!paragraphspacer