Big beautiful hair in 15 mins!

Outre 4C Coily Clip Ins

Is this color fabulous or what?! These Outre 4C Coily Clip Ins are serving big hair goals on a platter – and in just 15 minutes! This is my first time trying clip ins and I’m absolutely in love with the ease and convenience.

Outre Big Beautiful

Outre is already one of my go-to brands for hair extensions. So when I saw these Outre 4C Coily Clip Ins, I had to give them a try. I like to give my edges a break from the tension of braids from time to time to avoid traction alopecia. Read here for my natural hair care routine. As such, I’m always on the lookout for textured extensions that blend well with my 4C hair. And these 4C coily clip ins are perfect! This style reminds me of my Game Changer wig review from Outre’s Big Beautiful line.

Signs of traction alopecia include:

  • a receding hairline typically around the forehead, temples, or nape
  • a receding hairline typically around the forehead, temples, or nape
  • small pimples appear on the scalp or at the base of braids
  • redness, itching, and ulcers on the scalp
  • the hair parting widens
  • patches of broken hair in places where the hair has been under strain
  • patches of shiny, scarred skin in more advanced cases

So what are clip ins?

Clip ins are tracks of weaving hair that have combs attached you can clip down to lock in place. The “no commitment” benefit of clip ins is what makes them so popular. They take a fraction of the time it takes to install crochet braids and sew-ins, and you can remove them in minutes. They come in both human and synthetic hair versions.

Happiness glows from within. ~ Jiggle Free

The Outre 4C Coily Clip Ins includes 9 pieces in varying lengths to fit the shape of your head. It’s made of a “premium human hair blend”. This hair gets full pretty quick, so one pack is all you’ll need (although I do wish it came with a few more 3 inch pieces to fill in the top).

Anywho…that’s all I can think to say on this hair. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial + styling video above (TIA!). If you have any questions, leave me a comment below. Smooches…

~ Coach M
Written by MaShelle Dean
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