Fat Burn Challenge

Fat Burn Challenge

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Why I Created This Challenge

I created this Fat Burn Challenge because exercise should be FUN and something you look forward to.  You don’t have to spend HOURS at the gym if you focus on effective training techniques specifically designed to BURN FAT and SCULPT your body.

I designed this Challenge with a variety of training techniques that are short and keep you engaged and ready to workout EVER SINGLE DAY.  I include kickboxing (my SOUL MATE workout!), dance, strength training, tabata, and of course pilates & yoga so getting bored is NOT an option.  This Challenge will help you lose weight, burn fat and see REAL results in just 30 DAYS.

Every workout is inspired by my passion for dance & fitness and my 7 years of experience teaching fun and energetic group fitness classes.  I want you to wake up each morning and think “what workout am I doing today???”  🙂




You Are What You Eat

30 Day Fat Burn ChallengeIt’s true.  You can’t out train a bad diet.  If you over eat carbs, fat and sugar, you will wear it on your body.  You can have these things, but in moderation.  I’ll share with you healthy eating tips to help you transition to a healthier, more balanced way of eating and enjoying the foods you love (Ok, maybe with a bit of modification).  

I’m am NOT a fat of cutting out whole food groups.  You NEED carbs and (healthy fats for energy and to fuel your body.  So I help you learn how to incorporate them into your diet and still reach your fitness goals.


What the Fat Burn Challenge Includes

  • Daily short and effective workouts you’ll look forward to doing! You don’t have to spend hours at the gym.  20 minutes a day is all it takes. You’ll workout every day with an active rest day built in.
  • A variety of training techniques to burn fat, shape your body and get results!
  • An 8 week transition “diet” to help you learn to eat healthy, whole foods and eliminate processed foods
  • An invitation to join my private Facebook Challenge group for support and motivation from me and the other Challengers.

30 Day Fat Burn Challenge Join now!

paragraphspacerSo hit that JOIN button to get your first two days of workouts in your inbox right now!  And don’t worry about your hair girl.  I got you!  Head on over to my YouTube channel to see my workout proof hair tutorials to you so can get your FIT on while looking FABULOUS!  I’m so PROUD of you and look forward to working out with you.


~ Coach MaShelle