Getting Started

Tired of starting over?  Stop Quitting.


Falling off the wagon doesn’t have to be devastating as long as you get back up!  I’ve been there, so I’m speaking from experience.  To get started with exercise and changing your eating habits, you need a realistic plan that won’t make you crash and burn.  

Here are my recommendations for getting started right with making exercise and healthy eating and part of your lifestyle. Pull out a piece of paper and write this down!

  1. Write down your “WHY”. Why do you want to exercise more and eat better?
  2. What are your Goals?  Lose 10 lbs.  Fit into those size 6 jeans again.  Get more muscle definition.  Tighten up your abs. Lose the jiggle.  The important thing here is to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, time specific.)
  3. Determine what type of exercise will help you reach your goals.  Write down when, where, and how you will exercise.  Remember, be realistic and don’t try to do too much too fast.  A combination of  strength training, cardio, and flexibility training generally yields the best results no matter your fitness goals.  This will help you lose weight, gain muscle definition and increase your flexibility over your entire body and improve overall fitness.
  4. Schedule your workouts on your calendar. Schedule the days and times you’re going to workout each week.  Add it to your calendar and set a reminder. Give your workouts the same priority as your other appointments. Watch my YouTube video Top 10 Tips for Starting an Exercise Program.
  5. Meal plan.  Create a healthy meal plan that will support your goals.


Don’t Join a Gym Just Yet 

Joining a gym is great, if you go.  Instead, I recommend starting with home fitness DVDs.  They include a complete fitness program designed to get results, a workout calendar, and a meal plan all laid out for you to eliminate the guess work. Check out my Top Recommended Fitness Programs to find a home-based fitness program that’s right for you.  Or contact me and we’ll select one together. I’m a Beachbody Coach and earn a small commission if you purchase from my links.

Join My Online Fitness Studio 

Another affordable option is to join the Jiggle Free Zone Online Fitness Studio. $10 a month gets you unlimited access to my most popular fitness classes. Or purchase one of my flagship fitness programs designed to help you reach a variety of fitness goals.


Transitioning to Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is the toughest part.  Those cravings can jump on your back with viciousness.  Especially during that time of the month.  You ladies know what I’m talking about.  It’s not to say you can’t indulge every now and then. But The key is to eat healthy consistently enough that you see results. Check out the free resources and articles on this blog (under the Nutrition menu). Or join my 30 Day Fat Burn Fitness Challenge that includes an 8 Week Transition Diet to help you slowly transition to a healthy diet. Sign up today, feel better tomorrow!



For black women, the biggest hurdle to working out is our hair. As a fitness instructor, I was forced to find hairstyles that could withstand the sweat and humidity of my fitness classes. And that, my friends, is how my Workout Proof Hair tutorials were born!

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Get Fit & Fabulous