My Transformation

See me in the Chalean Extreme Infomercial!

My Motivation
turning point

The turning point. That’s me in the orange.

I’d worked out off and on for years, but always went through cyclical periods of exercise – start then stop, start then stop.  My “A-Ha!” moment came in 2009 when I met Usher Raymond at Lenox Mall and he didn’t try to holla (hmmph!!).   I’d finally reached a point where I was the heaviest I’d ever been at 5’3” and 170 lbs. All my pants were too tight and I’d get frustrated just getting ready for work in the mornings.  I’d had enough.

How I Did It

I used home workout DVDs and started exercising 5 days a week. In the past, I’d start off strong and eventually lose my motivation and stop exercising. So I joined an online support group for extra accountability.I eliminated junk food and stopped eating the “white stuff” (sugar, breads, potatoes, rice and pastas) and switched to the whole grain versions instead. I found healthier ways to satisfy my cravings and allowed myself a cheat meal once or twice a month. Once I incorporated clean eating, the fat started melting off and I felt much more energetic and healthy. The more I saw results, the more I wanted to challenge myself. A friend told me about a 90 day program by Beachbody called ChaLean Extreme and I decided to give it a try. I had no idea how much impact that one decision would have on my life. After 30 days into the program, my body started transforming before my eyes. I lost 1-2 pounds a week, and could see incredible muscle definition. My stomach was flatter and I could see definition in my obliques. I struggled through the strength training sessions at times, but I didn’t give up. I kept pushing myself to do more and more each week. By the end of the program, I’d lost 32 lbs and dropped from a size 12 to a size 4 because I replaced the fat with lean muscle.

my after pic

What I look like NOW!

I finished ChaLean Extreme on May 1, 2010 and rewarded myself by getting certified to teach Turbo Kick, my “soul mate” workout. I also had to buy a whole new wardrobe. At 40+ years old, I can honestly say I’m in the BEST shape of my life!

How I Pay It Forward

My fitness journey didn’t just change my body, it literally changed my life. I got such a feeling of empowerment from knowing I had the discipline to change the things in my life I wasn’t happy with.  I knew I wanted to give that same feeling of empowerment to other women and show them that they can achieve their fitness goals at any age.

Since I could personally attest to the effectiveness of Beachbody programs, I decided to partner with Beachbody as a Coach.  I also teach fitness classes at the gym and provide online coaching services offering customized meal plans and fitness plans.  I simply give others the same support and accountability that helped me see success in my own fitness journey.

When a client contacts me for help, I really talk to them to find out what their main challenges have been and what their fitness goals are.  I can then design a fitness regimen or recommend a Beachbody program that can help them achieve those goals.  I do a lot of online fitness challenges on Facebook to give others the same accountability and support that helped me change my life for the better. I love what I do!

~Coach MaShelle