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My Top Recommended Beachbody Programs

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I’ve used home fitness workout programs since the early 90’s and Beachbody programs are by far my favorite.  If you read my weight loss transformation story, you know I used Chalean Extreme by Beachbody and lost 37 pounds and 4 dress sizes.  I’ve had incredible results using workout videos in my own home.  Bottom line = it works if you work it!

P90X, Insanity and TurboFire are by far the most popular, but Beachbody has an entire line of fitness programs for every fitness level. Below are my top recommended programs, but if you need help selecting the one that’s right for you, contact me and we’ll select one that will help you reach your goals.

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21 Day Fix

21 day program.  Light weights + cardio.  You will definitely lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days on this program!  Follow the meal plan and do the workouts and I guarantee you’ll be very happy with your weight loss.  Simple routines and very simple meal plan.  I love this program because it’s easy to follow the portion control container system and the workouts are only 30 minute.  Perfect if you have limited time to workout.  Level:  Beginner to Intermediate. Click here for more info & to order. 


Chalean Extreme

Chalean ExtremeThis is the program I used for my weight loss transformation! It’s a 90 day program and includes weight training & cardio.  I love this one because it uses compound exercises so you accomplish more in less time.   Chalean Extreme is a great program to start with if you’re new to weight training.  Level:  Intermediate. Click here for more info & to order.





Body Beast

bodybeast_4I did this one when I was “sweating for the wedding”.  By my wedding day, I was afraid my dress would be too big!  90 day program.  Weight training.   I recommend this program for people who are used to lifting weights and exercising regularly.  You’ll lift weights 5 days a week on this program + 1 day of cardio.  This one will take your body to the next level!  Level:  Advanced.  *Available through Beachbody on Demand.




Core De Force

coredeforce30 day program.  Cardio.  This is an MMA inspired kickboxing workout.  This is one of Beachbody’s newest programs (released in 2016).  In 3-minute “rounds,” you’ll alternate between Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai combinations, cardio spikes, and bodyweight training.  Each move  is rotational—meaning you get a 360-degree core workout that helps tighten up & shred fat off your abs.  Level:  Intermediate to Advanced.  *Available through Beachbody on Demand.



Hammer & Chisel

hammer-and-chisel-logo60 day program.  Weight training + cardio.  Building a strong, sculpted body doesn’t require hours spent working out—just an expert approach. And with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, seasoned trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese have compiled their best, most efficient techniques into 30- to 40-minute resistance-training workouts to help you craft a powerful, perfectly defined physique in just 60 days. Level:  Intermediate to Advanced.   *Available through Beachbody on Demand.





piyo60 day program.  Pilates + Yoga inspired.  Using your body weight, you’ll perform low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. With PiYo, you’ll work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of your body.  No jumping or strain on your joints.  PiYo is one of the formats I teach at the gym.  This is the home version. Level:  Intermediate to Advanced. Click here for more info & to order. 




Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire90 day program.  Cardio + Resistance Training (with bands).  If you’re tired of boring cardio DVDs this one is for you!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Turbo Fire! It’s my “soul mate” workout and one of the most popular formats I teach at the gym.  TurboFire is a kickboxing inspired workout by Chalene Johnson.   Includes HIITs (high intensity interval training) which revs up the fat burning.   The music is great in this one, including some old school remixes.   Level:  Intermediate to Advanced. Click here for more info & to order.