Workout Proof Hair

My Workout Proof Hair tutorials were born out of my quest to find a hairstyle that would outlast the intense fitness classes I teach several times a week. I started with flat twists, but my natural hair, 4C hair simply would not play nice with the sweat and humidity. The shrinkage was real!

I stumbled across crochet braids on YouTube in 2017 and Ms. Fit & Fabulous was here to stay! I love the versatility of switching up my hairstyle any time I want. From kinky textures that mimic my natural hair to curly or straight styles, the options are limitless!

What are Crochet Braids?

Bobbi Boss Skinny Twist

Crochet braids are a form of protective styling, achieved by cornrowing your natural hair and using a crochet needle (similar to the latch hook we used years ago to make rugs) to attach the extensions to your cornrows.

For beginners, I recommend pre-looped crochet hair which is the easiest to install (and remove) and can help you master the installation process. Once you’ve mastered basic installation, you’re ready to move on to “bundle” hair and more advanced installation techniques like invisible knots and illusion crochet braids.

The Benefits of Crochet Braids

Bobbi Boss Skinny Twists

I love the versatility of crochet braids. They’re fairly easy to install yourself (getting them done at the salon can run $200+!) And, you can switch up your color, length, and curl pattern on a whim without damaging your natural with bleach, hair dye or perms. I love creating my own unique styles by mixing curls & colors.

I’ve been wearing crochet braids since 2017 and my natural hair is the longest and healthiest it’s ever been. Be sure to give your edges a break from crochet braids from time to time to prevent traction alopecia. Check out my blog post How to Maintain Crochet Braids for my regimen for caring for my crochet braids and my natural hair underneath.

Check out my workout proof hair tutorials and my YouTube channel to see some of my fave crochet and protective hairstyles.