5 Realistic Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

“Half of all annual weight gain occurs during the holiday period.”

Let’s face it.   The holidays are a challenging time for weight loss.  Even the healthiest of us at times can’t resist the endless holiday treats at the office or mama’s good cooking.

But the holiday season is the time for good food and family fellowship.  So, go ahead and splurge!  Just read my 5 tips for avoiding the holiday bulge  so you’ll have a strategy in place.

If you’re exercising and eating healthy all year round, you should have some room to indulge a bit during the holidays.  Plus, I’m just gonna keep it 100.  I LOVE  good food!  Living life jiggle free shouldn’t mean you can’t live your life.  Just splurge in moderation and have a strategy in place.

Here are my 5 realistic tips for avoiding the “holiday  bulge”:

  1. Do 30 minutes of cardio each morning before breakfast. You’ll burn stored fat since your body has to tap into fat stores for energy.
  2. Increase workout frequency. If you already workout 3 days a week, increase it to 5 days a week.  During the holidays, you’re likely taking in extra calories (and fat, sodium, and sugar).  You need to burn off those extra calories by moving more.
  3. Increase water intake.  Water helps flush sugar, fat and toxins from your body.  The goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces.
  4. Indulge selectively.  Save the sweet treats, cheat meals & alcohol for holiday socials.  That way you can indulge a little and not feel deprived.
  5. Eat until you’re satiated.  It’s hard not to get second helpings when the food tastes so GOOD!  But here’s a strategy.  Eat one plate of food and then dessert.  Wait at least an hour before getting seconds.  By then, your brain will have signaled that you’re full and you probably won’t want seconds.

What are some of the ways you avoid gaining weight over the holidays? I’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.

Written by MaShelle Dean
Hey Fam! I'm MaShelle, your Fit & Fabulous Coach. I'm an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor and lifestyle blogger living in Atlanta with my husbae, Ron. The Jiggle Free Zone is the place to come for fitness inspiration, product reviews, and workout proof hair tutorials. Be sure to sign up for the Fit & Fab newsletter so you never miss my tips on living a #fitandfabulous life!