Turbo Kick Beginner Class

This Turbo Kick Beginner Class is perfect for students who are new to Turbo Kick Live kickboxing classes or those who just want to master the moves. This class incorporates the core signature Turbo Kick moves into a 30 minute workout that will burn calories and tone and shape your abs.


Turbo Kick Beginner Class

Turbo Kick is a dance based kickboxing workout created by my fitness shero Chalene Johnson.  I like to say it’s like kickboxing only better! 🙂  Turbo Kick is choreographed to popular hip hop and pop songs that inspire you to move! All the moves, even the punches and kicks, engage the core to shape and strengthen your abs even during the cardio sections of class.  The class is 1 hour long including a warmup and a cool down to bring down your heart rate and stretch your muscles. I always finish with abs (my students won’t let me skip it!) to really work the core with specific, concentrated exercises designed to flatten and strengthen your abs.

In this Turbo Kick 101 Beginner Class, you’ll practice the signature moves you’ll commonly see in a Turbo Kick Live class like the Wheel, the Twist, Ginga, and Capoiera.  Proper form and execution of the moves not only keeps you safe, but gives you better results from your workout.  So in this workout, addition to practicing the moves, I also cue proper form and execution for each move.  Mastering the moves and this class will help you feel more confident in your Turbo Kick Live classes at the gym.

Workout With Me

My classes are so fun and energetic, you’ll know you’re working out but you’ll have so much fun doing it.  I’m a firm believer that exercise has to be fun or you won’t do it, so I like to incorporate the “fun factor” in my classes while giving you a great total body workout at the same time.  If you live in Atlanta and would like to take my live class, check out my Class Schedule. If you love Turbo Kick, you’ll love PiYo too, so be sure to try my PiYo class as well!  If you don’t live in Atlanta, you can still workout with me on YouTube.

Need to learn the core signatures moves? Take my Turbo Kick Signature Moves Tutorial

Written by MaShelle Dean
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