Beginner Ab Workout | Beginner Workout Series

Hey Jiggle Free Crew! This Beginner Ab Workout is the first video in my brand new Beginner Workout Series. I’ve had many requests for a series of workouts that people just starting out with exercise can do. Abs are the most commonly targeted trouble area for women so I thought it was the perfect place to start.



beginner ab workoutThis workout includes basic core building exercises that strengthen the core muscles for a solid foundation.  Every movement in your body emanates from the core.  The core is your body’s foundation connecting the upper body to the lower body.  Essentially, the core is where all your power comes from.  Building a strong, defined core can be glamorous, but most importantly, a strong core makes you stronger and less susceptible to injury.  According to Best Health Magazine, there are 5 top reasons for strengthening your core:

  1. Helps prevent injuries
  2. Protect your inner organs and central nervous system
  3. Strengthen your core to reduce inner back pain
  4. Builds a strong posture
  5. You’ll feel better (and stronger).

The entire workout takes no more than 5 minutes long so it can easily be fit it into a busy day.  And, other than a mat, no equipment is required.  You can do this workout anywhere, so it’s perfect to do at home, at the gym, at the park or anywhere you have a little bit of space.  My BFF likes to squeeze in a quick workout while at her kids sports practices.

Anyone can do this ab workout, so grab your mat, water and a towel and lets get started!


Written by MaShelle Dean
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