Alicia Curl – Rocking My Very First Wig!

Hey Fit & Fab Crew!

I’m rocking my very first wig!  The Alicia Curl by Mane Concept.

If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you know that 2017 has been the year of “workout proof” hair with protective styling.  I started with flat twisting and initially, it was perfect.  Flat twisting is easy to master and I loved the convenience of only having to style my hair once a week. But the shrinkage was REAL honey! I wanted more length, more volume and, yes, less shrinkage.

Rocking my flat twists

Rocking my flat twists

So from flat twisting, I discovered crochet braids and, my OH MY! The hair game for me was forever changed.  There is so much versatility with crochet braids and they’re an affordable protective styling option.  I highly recommend you learn to do them yourself.  It can costs upwards of $100+ to have someone do it for you, and we NEED our coins sis!  With crochet braids, I can change styles as often as I want and can rock any curl pattern, texture and color without damaging or altering my natural hair. I love them so much as a protective styling option, I have literally been rocking crochet braids for all of 2017!

Miko Crochet Braids 2

My first crochet braid style.

But after a year,  I wanted to give my hair a break from crochet braids (actually the cornrows).  So I started looking at wigs as a viable option.  Now this is HUGE for me because I come from an era where wigs were something only “old ladies” wore.  They had that synthetic, plastic look and basically looked more or less like a hat with hair attached.  Wigs have always been a big NO NO for me despite their evolution and recent popularity.  I admit they look great on YouTubers, but, quite honestly, in person they still give off that plastic fake hair vibe.

However, I remembered the cute quick weaves (half wigs) I use to wear years ago when I was experimenting with extensions, and set out to find one I could blend with my natural hair for a more natural, less wig-ey look.  I stopped in my local BSS (beauty supply store) and tried on the Alicia Curl lace front wig and instantly fell in love!  She was so fierce & fabulous and those big, gorgeous curls literally gave me life! I knew I’d found my very first wig.

Alicia Curl Lace Front Wig

Alicia Curl Lace Front Wig

Here is my video tutorial of my very first full wig. I hope you enjoy it. I’m so excited about this new phase in my “workout proof” hair journey. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to share my protective styling journey and possibly even find some inspiration for your own workout proof hairstyles. And please leave me a comment and let me know your protective style of choice for looking fit & fab during your workouts.

Until next time, stay blessed and live life jiggle free!


Written by MaShelle Dean
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