7 Secrets to Staying Fit

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Yes. Today!

fit_club_flyer-1Hey, even I get the excuse "Not today" from clients who must be in top model shape.

It’s natural when energy is low or willpower is absent. They’ve already paid me, so it’s not the money; it’s just human nature. My answer is, "Yes. Today. I’ll see you at 6. You’ll thank me."

Exercise is NOT AN OPTION. It’s a reality, and you’ve simply got to do it every day.

Sure, if you’re doing a serious workout program you need recovery time, and we build that into the schedules, but that doesn’t mean sofa-surfing time. You should still walk, bike, and be active.


7 Secrets to Staying Fit

1.  Hold Yourself Accountable.  If you don’t commit to health and fitness, you have zero chance of working out daily.
2.  Change Your Mind.  I mean your way of thinking. Don’t think of workouts as torture. Consider it maintaining (or improving) your health.
3.  Convenience Is Key.  Make your home "fitness friendly." Keep small weights, bands, training shoes, and a mat where they’re easy to grab.
4.  Support Someone.  Get a fitness buddy. By supporting them, you’ll find that your priorities shift for the better.
5.  Get Off the Scale.  Only weigh yourself once a week or so. It is so easy to get discouraged by normal weight fluctuation, and discouragement can result in quitting.
6.  Keep It Fresh.   Don’t get in a rut with your favorite workout. Anything becomes stale with too much repetition. (I’ve personally given you 12 workouts!) Mix it up and keep the pounds melting off.
7.  Check Your Ego at the Door.   Of course it doesn’t feel good to do a move you can’t do perfectly, but tell your ego to pipe down and keep working to master moves that challenge you. You will master the move if you stay with it and keep consistent.

Often the only difference between fit people and unfit people is that the fit folks have found a workout program that they love, while the unfit ones haven’t yet.

With Beachbody® you have a big selection of world-class programs. There is something for everyone to love, and enough loveable workouts to keep your exercise efforts fresh for the rest of your life!


~ Brett Hoebel
Beachbody “Rev Abs” Celebrity Trainer
Biggest Loser trainer

Written by MaShelle Dean
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