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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Thanks to Turbo Kick, I’m appropriately wearing my uber cute “Lucky Chick” green lady tee today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  J  Normally, I wouldn’t have a thing green to wear on a day caught between winter and spring.  Luckily for me (no pun intended) I have this cute tee because my Turbo Kick class celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last Tuesday.  I even have thigh high St. Patrick’s Day themed socks to match.  What!!!!  Yeah, I’m cool like that.

I completed my first week of P90X!  Let me tell you why that’s significant.  Well, because I totally fell off the wagon for practically ALL of 2012 and ate any and everything that had grease, fat, cheese, and sauce on it, I decided to attempt another round of P90X.  I’m determined to get my Super Miko Forty & Fit body back – this time complete with 6-pack abs.  It’s hard for me to do any structured fitness program because I teach 3-4 cardio classes a week and when I’m not teaching I’m usually practicing choreography which leaves little room for anything else.  That’s why completing my first week of P90X is such a major milestone.  I need weight lifting and cardio to get my best body, so when I’m on my game I stick to 3 days of weight lifting and 4-5 days of cardio.  I’m only doing the P90X strength training workouts  (I’m not even THINKING about doing the 90 minute yoga!).  My Turbo Kick and Hip Hop classes cover all the cardio I need.

The first week of P90X wasn’t so bad although my legs and glutes still haven’t quite recovered from Thursday’s Leg & Back workout.  I religiously drink the P90X Results & Recovery drink after every non-cardio workout because it really helps reduce the soreness.  But I didn’t realize how lower body intensive my Turbo and Hip Hop classes are.  I may have to make some adjustments so I don’t injure myself.

The Workouts

I actually enjoy working out and am not sure which I love more, cardio or weight lifting!  Arms and legs are my favorite parts to work, so the P90X Shoulders & Arms and Legs  & Back routines, although grueling and intense, I actually enjoy doing.  Chest & Back on the other hand is another story all together.  It’s all pushups then pull-ups, push ups then pull-ups.   I thought my arms were strong, but one attempt at a pull up quickly sends me straight back to reality.  My arms may as well be linguine because I can’t do a single pull-up without the chair (sigh…).  We’ll see where I am at the end of these 90 days of torture…I mean P90X.  J  I haven’t incorporated Ab Ripper yet.  I’m just too exhausted after the weight training to do it.  Gotta fit it in this week though.  Maybe on my cardio days.  Can’t get 6-pack abs without it.

The Diet

I’m happy to report that I’m back on the wagon!  Yay!!!  Any fitness expert will tell you diet is the MOST important part.  They’re right!  I know from experience.  When I did Chalean Extreme, I ate super duper clean the ENTIRE 90 days.  I’m talking rarely drinking alcohol and significantly cutting back my social life.  I just didn’t want to tempt myself with all the eating out and happy hours.

So, this week I stuck to my eating plan all week.  I absolutely WILL NOT get lean abs if I don’t.  Every morsel of sugar and junk I put in my mouth goes straight to my abs.  I’m convinced my abs are a FAT magnet!  So, I’m drinking more water and eating lean meats, more fruits and veggies and slow digesting carbs (the brown stuff). I think I’m taking in too many health fats though.  So this week, I’m pulling out the food scale and getting back to measuring my meal and snack portions.  It takes a bit more planning, but it worked like a charm for me last time.  My biggest challenge is pre and post workout meals.  Sometimes I’m just down right famished after teaching a Turbo Kick class, so I need something quick and portable on hand for the drive home.  Gotta work on that.

P90X week 2 starts today with the dreaded Chest & Back.  So I’m logging off to get her done!

Later gaters!





Written by MaShelle Dean
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