Woke up this morning with no internet access for hours!  So I decided to get my workout in early.  I popped in TurboFire 45 EZ class to see if it’s a good one to do at Fit Club tomorrow – and boy is it anything but easy!   Every time I felt like I wanted to stop and take a quick break, the next song got my adrenaline pumping and drew me back in full throttle.   I burned a total of 443 calories, max heart rate = 170; avg hr 150.   This workout re-confirmed why TurboFire is my absolute favorite cardio.

There are no Turbo’s (but Chalene more than makes up for the lack of Turbos with INTENSITY!).   And she mixes in some slower sections between the high intensity ones to allow you to catch your breath and recover.  The music is definitely HOT in this one with “Rapper’s Delight”, “Le Freak”, “Booty Call”, “In the Ayer”, and my favorite of them all “Hot damn…this is my jam!!!”   Featured moves:  upper cuts, twist, running man, front and back kicks, w/roundhouse, and speedbag.  Fitness benefits:  core strengthening and cardio conditioning.  The workout finishes with shallow squats  right before the cool down/stretch, a welcomed relief for the thighs and glutes from all the kicks.

This workout is in the basic set of 12 TurboFire classes.   If you’re new to Turbo, you have the option of doing the “New to Class” version where Chalene teaches the moves step by step before each section.  It’s definitely in the advanced category, so if you’re a beginner, you might want to start out with Turbo Jam first.  The moves are similar but the beat of the music is slower.  However, if you’re not new to working out, I highly recommend TurboFire for your cardio.  Just remember to walk in place if you get tired, take breaks when you need them and work at your own pace.  When I first did TurboJam, I couldn’t even finish the workout.  After 6 months of TurboFire, my endurance and fitness level has increased so much, I didn’t even break a sweat when did TurboJam Cardio Party Remix the other day.  My point is TurboFire will challenge you to push yourself to your limits, but it’s a program you can grow into as your fitness level improves.

You will definitely need plenty of water and your “A” game with this one.   But you’ll burn a ton of calories and are sure to have FUN doing it!  The music will keep you motivated straight to the end.  This just might end up being one of your favorite TurboFire workouts yet!

Written by MaShelle Dean
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