Why Schedule Your Workouts in Advance?

Because it helps you get fit.  Studies have shown that people who schedule exercise sessions like any other important appointment are far more successful at sticking to consistent exercise.  When you stop treating your workout as just something you’ll try to get around to, you’re much less likely to skip it.

What’s more, it just makes things easier. When you add the information in advance, you’ll know exactly what workout routine you’ll be doing and how long it will take, and you’ll have a continuing record of your workouts that lets you know where you are and helps keep you motivated.

Last but not least:  As a Team Beachbody Club Member, when you schedule and complete your daily workouts in the WOWY SuperGym, you’re automatically entered to win cash and prizes in the Daily Sweepstakes!  How’s that for motivation?

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~ Coach MaShelle

Written by MaShelle Dean
Hey Fam! I'm MaShelle, your Fit & Fabulous Coach. I'm an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor and lifestyle blogger living in Atlanta with my husbae, Ron. The Jiggle Free Zone is the place to come for fitness inspiration, product reviews, and workout proof hair tutorials. Be sure to sign up for the Fit & Fab newsletter so you never miss my tips on living a #fitandfabulous life!