How Much Weight I Lift

Ladies, many of you have asked how I saw the best results with Chalean Extreme and how much weight I lifted. Here are the weights I lifted today during Lean Circuit 2 + Abs:

Sumo Squat w/ Anterior Delt Lift – 15# (12 reps); super set: 15#

Dbl Arm Row w/ single leg lift – 25 (12 reps); super set: 25#)

Sgl Hamstring Curls w/ Lat Raise – thigh toner & 12.5# (12 reps); super set 12.5#

Runner’s Lunge w/ Dbl Arm Row – 22.5# (12 reps); super set 22.5#

Lat Raise with Abduction – thigh toner & 12.5# (12 reps); super set 12.5#

Plank with Sgl Arm Row – 22.5# (12 reps); super set: push ups

Reverse Lunge w/ lateral raise – 10# (12 reps); super set: 10#

Posterior Delt Raise w/ Leg lift – 8# (12 reps); super set: 8#

Squat with Dbl Arm Ant Delt Lift – 8# (12 reps); super set (lunges) 30#

I’ve Got Abs – 10# weight

Remember, the goal is to lift enough weight to reach muscle failure by the 12th rep while keeping proper form. The amount of weight you need to lift to see results depends on your current fitness level.  The last rep should be hard to squeak out.  I started with weights much lighter than this and gradually increased the amount of weight I used as I got stronger. Just remember to push to YOUR limits and you should see awesome results!!

~ Coach MaShelle

Written by MaShelle Dean
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